Kiezpalast 05/16 | Clark & The Remote Keys

On Thu 2nd day of June the Kiezpalast will open its curtain again for a potpourri of words, songs and bourbons. This coming issue of Kiezpalast (it’ll be #05/16 already) will be all about keys: Black ones, white ones, remote controlled ones – and maybe the one to your heart. Our Special Guest will be […]

Kiezpalast – Joe Armstrong & Claude Cahn | Clark Nova Five hosting

Two Dollar Bash - Joe Armstrong Claude Cahn

Thursday, 03. March 2016, 20h Kiezpalast, Fabelhaft, Schönleinstrasse 6 Claude Cahn & Joe Armstrong “The bathroom mirror is the perfect place for you to one day see the gypsy in your soul.” (Kinky Friedman, Roadkill, 1997) When receiving the request from what would become the guest in our next Kiezpalast, we thought we knew who […]

Do, 02. Februar: Kiezpalast – Clark Nova Five acoustic 1986

Happy new year 1986! Mister van Doren and Senhor Nova are coming up with a brand new format for the brand-hot new year. KIEZPALAST And the first edition of Kiezpalast will take place on Thu 4th of February in Fabelhaft Bar It will feature the first public appearance of Clark Nova Five this year. As […]

Do, 5. November: Thursday’s Waterhole Session: Clark Nova Five 3/4

November’s edition of Thursday’s Waterhole Session brings entertainment of a rare kind. All three garage jazz virtuosi of Clark Nova Five are going enchant you with all-waltzed-out, samba-soaked tunes of the last 410 years of Gunpowder Music. In 1605 a Guy nearly blew up another guy named Jakob in London but blew it – in […]

Fette Lalalal in Fabelhaft (Thursday Waterhole Session Especial)

16h00 – Johnny Riser (AU) 17h00 – Maekkelae (FIN) 18h30 – Clark Nova Five + Special Guest (Buenos Aires, AR) There is some words written down about these people who will take their instruments and use them for us. You can find it at the end of this message. ☀☀☀☀☀ Fette Lalalala (Thursday Waterhole Session […]